Mi Yan | 严汨

I am a senior student in Turing Class, Peking University, advised by Prof. He Wang. I'm also an intern at the Embodied AI center of Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence.

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Currently, I'm interested in embodied AI, especially the combination of vision, language and robotics. My research goal is to build a robot that can not only understand and execute human command, but also learn new skills from language instruction. Previously, I have also done some works about 3D point cloud understanding, including pose tracking and domain adaptation.

Tracking and Reconstructing Hand Object Interactions from Point Cloud Sequences in the Wild
Mi Yan*, Jiayi Chen*, Jiazhao Zhang, Yinzhen Xu, Xiaolong Li, Yijia Weng, Li Yi, Shuran Song, He Wang
AAAI 2023 (Oral Presentation)
[Arxiv] [Code] [Project page]

Domain Adaptation on Point Clouds via Geometry-Aware Implicit
Yuefan Shen, Yanchao Yang, Mi Yan, He Wang, YouYi Zheng, Leonidas Guibas
CVPR, 2022
[Paper] [Code]
Peking University, China
2019.09 - now
Undergraduate Student
Research Advisor: Prof. He Wang
Selected Awards and Honors

  • 2022: SenseTime Scholarship
  • 2022: Peking University Triple-A student
  • 2021: Peking University Research Excellence Award
  • 2020: Google Women Techmaker Scholarship
  • 2020: Peking University Triple-A student
  • 2019: Top ten leading student in Hangzhou Xuejun High school
  • 2018: First prize in National Mathematical Olympiad, Zhejiang Province
  • 2017: First prize in National Mathematical Olympiad, Zhejiang Province

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